Aronde awning canopy - Awning pop-top caravan

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Aronde awning with roof extension

To create headroom, a bow stick is placed on the caravan side. This bow stick stands from ground to ground and the round shape of the caravan on both sides of the caravan extended to 75cm (total 150cm). Only the tendon of the tent is fixed in the caravan rail. The frame consisting of three bow sticks is completely free of the caravan. The rod to raise the tent behind is no longer necessary. Attaching car eyes to the caravan is a thing of the past with this system.
With each bow stick, tension bands are attached to the underside. With these bands the canvas is fixed on the frame and you tighten the canvas completely without tucking the tent with pegs. The tensioning of the tent now only serves to fix the tent to the ground. The four standard storm straps that are integrated in the roof ensure that the tent stays in place even when there is wind.

The front of the Aronde tent is stretched 50 cm forward. This results in a depth of three meters. The front wall is surrounded in two parts so that a draft-free whole is created.

The front of this tent can be zipped out in two parts. The side walls can also be zipped out half-round. This means that this awning can also be used as awning. The Petluifel (crossing of the roof) has the advantage that rain can be prevented as much as possible at the door. Now there is also the possibility to ventilate with the door. To create even more ventilation, permanent ventilation can be achieved in the two forward angled points.

This awning is equipped as standard with valves over the windows. This means that lockable valves are fitted on the side and front. These flap seals are provided with zippers, giving you the opportunity to open and close them. We also offer the possibility to order Curtains. Pay attention! Both systems are not standard.

  • Easy to set up
  • No caravan eyes needed
  • Tent stands alone
  • Extra spacious tent
  • Stormproof
  • 300cm deep
  • 28mm aluminum frame
  • Powergrip system included
  • weight 30kg
  • Many extras possible

Our Fortex Aronde tent canopy ANWB tested and compared with the Unico awning. Click on the logo for the ANWB KCK evaluating the Fortex Aronde awning and click the KCK logo for the comparison with Unico.


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