The Fortex Aronde - Awning caravan


The Fortex awning  is a versatile product; it can be used as an awning and as a canopy. The main color of this awning is a design dark gray or design light grey  (Ten Cate). This gives the awning an even more modern look. 

The Fortex awning  is suitable for use throughout the complete camping season. The Fortex awning  has large ventilationopenings . 

The Aronde awning is by design more resistant to weathering than traditional models. The water drainage (to the sides) is better and the awning is less sensitive to wind because of its round shape.
The round shape is made possible by a 28mm aluminum power grip frame, light in weight, yet it provides the right strength.
Of course, this awning  is custommade and you, as a customer, have the possibility to choose from different color accents.

The front wall is in two parts detachable. The front wall is like two points obliquely forward for extra stability. When zipping out the walls, you create a canopy with a depth of 3.3 meters.
This product can be extended with, double mud flaps (single is standard) or detachable mudflaps, extra rod set for porch possibility, extension, innertent, Led-lights.

A center pole is provided for supporting the arch at the assembly of the wall. When using the awning as a canopy, the extra stick will not be necessary.

This product comes with a custommade wheelflap/draught skirt, pegs, stormset, fix-on blocks, powergripsystem.

Our Fortex Aronde tent canopy ANWB tested and compared with the Unico awning. Click on the logo for the ANWB KCK evaluating the Fortex Aronde awning and click the KCK logo for the comparison with Unico.


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