The Fortex Aronde canopy - Awning pop-top caravan

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Fortex Caravan awnings makes a custom awning for every lifted caravan. To name a few examples: Eirba touring, Eriba Feeling, Eriba Future, Eriba Eribelle, Kip 37, Kip 32, KipVision, Kipkk300, Chicken Shelter, Trigano, Rapido, T@B etc.

To create headroom, a bow stick is placed on the caravan side. This bow stick stands from ground to ground and due to the round shape the awning is extended on both sides of the caravan, creating a perfect living space. Only the tendon of the tent is fixed in the caravan rail (no bars attached to the caravan). The frame consists of two bow sticks and is completely free of the caravan. A middle leg and the bar to raise the tent behind is no longer necessary. Attaching car eyes to the caravan is also a thing of the past with this system.

At each end of the bracket, straps are attached to the underside of the tent. With these bands, the tent cloth is fixed on the frame and you tighten the canvas completely without tucking off the tent with herring. The clamping now only serves to fix the tent to the ground.

The round shape is made possible by a 28mm aluminum Powergrip frame, which is light in weight, but still offers the required strength. The two angled forward points and the standard storm straps provide extra stability.
The two side parts of the Aronde canopy can be (partially) easily disassembled during assembly and use.
The Aronde canopy is available in the main color light gray or dark gray. You can also choose from a number of accent colors. This makes it possible to adapt the tent to your personal preference. Click here for an impression of the color combinations.
All our awnings are supplied including:

• Valves over the windows
• Fix-on system
• Made-to-measure draft flap
• 28 mm aluminum frame with Powergrips
• Storm tires
• Tent pegs

You can still customize the Aronde Awning with a number of options, for example:

• built-in LED lighting
• adjustment of color classification

We charge an additional price for these options.


All our awnings and awnings are made of high-quality materials, including TenCate All Season Residential ™ cloth.

We give no less than two years warranty on all our awnings and awnings!Our Fortex Aronde tent canopy ANWB tested and compared with the Unico awning. Click on the logo for the ANWB KCK evaluating the Fortex Aronde awning and click the KCK logo for the comparison with Unico.


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