The Fortex Aronde Combi - Awning pop-top caravan

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The Fortex aronde Combi is a versatile awning both for short periods camping camp for a whole season. This tent can be set up in segments. starting with the awning. This is easy to set up with 1 pole pole and 3 to 5 roof bars. The side and front tensioning points and the basic state. 

Fit voowand using 5 zippers, span off the front and the canopy awning.

The canopy zip the tent, the tent is ideal for camping with rainy weather. The ventilation gauze and the doors are protected against rain

Instead of the canopy can also be a canopy zipped 2.2 meters deep. This makes for a very pleasant living room, protected against rain and sun. 

  • Very versatile model

  • A lot of space

  • No caravan of eyes

  • Stormproof

  • 250-450cm deep

  • 28mm aluminum frame

  • Power Grip system including

  • Weight 40kg

  • For walls and sidewalls uitrisbaar

  • Many extras possible

  • For your awning custom

The Aronde Combi is the most versatile awning on the market. This model can be used as canopy, tent, be used with canopy and tent canopy with extra 2 meters.The canopy or additional canopy via a zip at the base awning. In order for you to make it as easy as possible for the following functions are included:

  • The frame is made of 28 mm aluminum tube with power grip system

  • The cloth is tensioned with tension bands on the bow sticks

  • The arch poles are attached by means of tunnels with zippers in the tent

  • Sticks his bow at the bottom adjustable for any uneven terrain

  • Connections between bow stick and roof bars are made with steel corners.

  • Canopy is detachable

  • Storm Tires are integrated in the roof

  • etc. etc.

Want more than the standard version, then there are a number of extras to choose from namely:

  • Valves on the windows

  • Double mud flaps

  • Expansion side

  • Curtains

  • Stripe motif on the windows

  • More information can be found on the extras page


Our Fortex Aronde tent canopy ANWB tested and compared with the Unico awning. Click on the logo for the ANWB KCK evaluating the Fortex Aronde awning and click the KCK logo for the comparison with Unico.


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