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Circum Combi

to be placed as an awning with canopy or as an awning with awning

Do you want many options but as little weight as possible on holiday? The Combi offers the solution. The base, the Circum awning, has a zipper at the front to place a roofextension (85 or 110cm deep) or a canopy (230cm deep). This means that you can build the roofextension or the canopy for the awning with the same bow pole.
You can also choose what to bring before you go on holiday. For example: the awning, the awning, the awning with canopy or the awning with awning.

Circum awning with roofextension

The Circum awning with canopy is a versatile product. The awning can also be placed without the roofextension, because it has been made detachable. If you also omit the front walls, this model can be used as an canopy.
The awning has large ventilation panels on both the front left and right front, which can also be easily closed with a zippered flap. We have developed the roofextension to be able to continue to ventilate well in bad weather conditions, and rain is also prevented at the door with the canopy.
With us you can choose from a roofextension of 85cm or 110cm deep. The two angled points and the storm straps supplied as standard provide extra stability. The front wall can be zipped out in two parts. This front wall, like the two front points, is placed diagonally forward for extra stability. You can choose how the front layout should be made.

You can choose 1 door (left or right) and the rest windows or two doors with two windows (symmetrical)
A center post is included to support the arch when tensioning the front wall. If you only use it as a canopy, it is not necessary under normal weather conditions.

The Circum is 300cm deep on the floor and has a depth of 243cm in the roof.
The depth of 243cm was actually determined by our fabric supplier Ten Cate. 243cm is the maximum width to be woven for Ten Cate. We do not have to make extra roof seams that can only weaken the roof.

Circum awning with awning

The Extra awning has a depth of 230cm (roof size) on the floor, leaving +/- 180cm of space because the front wall of the awning is stretched +/- 50cm forward. This awning has detachable side walls. There is a storm strap facility on both sides of the awning, in addition, we also supply an extra upright with accompanying storm strap to be able to anchor the awning in heavier weather conditions.

In short the Circum Combi:
-front parts
-roofextension (85 or 110cm)
-extra awning with side walls (230cm)

Our prices include:
-tailor made draught skirt
-wheel covering
-storm straps 
-storm pegs 
-tent pegs (rock pegs or plastic pegs)

You can choose from (no extra charge):
-Main color: dark gray design or light gray design
-optional. an accent color
-mud wall fixed or removable (velcro)
-front wall layout (1 door left or right or two doors)


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