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Custom made awnings

Most manufacturers of awnings  work with circulation numbers, orbital size 10 indicates a circulation of 875 - 900cm.  For an example: when a caravan has a circulation size of 887.5 cm,  then an awning with circulation size 10 fits properly.
When the ground is sloping or uneven (which is pretty common), it is possible to stretch out the tent. When the circulation size of your caravan is near  900cm it quickly becomes tight with tensioning and at a circuit size of 875cm,  there’s often too much fabric.  

Because standard production awnings must adapt to different brands and types of caravans, tent companies often use large triangular points  on the backside of the tent (the caravan side).

An awning that is custom made, takes account into the bezel on the front of the caravan. The canvas of the awning runs beautifully in the extension of the caravan rail. 

The awning is made perfectly fitting for any type of caravan.

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