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We at Fortex Caravan awnings deliver a quality product. We use the best materials such as TenCate all-season flysheet, Piper aluminium poles, Kroko zips etc.

Each awning is custom made. The awning fits perfectly to your caravan. This means no awning that fits in a certain range, but narrowly made. We also take the shape of the caravan into account. We pay attention to which place the service hatches are located and the hight of the caravan. The awning is mounted on both the front and the back of the caravan rail. 
A custom made skirt is included, no extra costs!  
IMG 2868

The possibility to attach stormbuckles is integrated in each Aronde awning. The stormbuckles are inclusively.

An additional canopy has chinstraps as well. Awnings for caravans with a liftroof, usual have two additional chinstraps at the side of the caravan .

IMG 2877
Ten Cate materials. Our awnings are made of Ten Cate canvas. The mud flaps are polyester reinforced PVC. The perfect combination of quality and lightweight. This makes our awnings suitable for an entire season of campingfun!
Ten Cate
Alumium  28mm powergrip frame: a solid 28 x 1.5mm tube is used in the bows (frame) to get a solid construction. The roofpoles are made of a 28 x 1 mm tube in order to make the frame lighter. The connections of the rafterpoles with the bows is made with a steel connection. 
The powergrips make it easier to get the poles tensioned.
IMG 0605
Fix-on connection:  The awning has a double tendon tendon so you can place a fix on block anywhere. (note: awnings for liftroof caravans are not connected with these fix-ons)
IMG 1780
Fix-one blocks. Our awnings are equipped with Fix-on-2 blocks of Isabella. these are included in the price. 
Pegs: our awnings are supplied with the necessary amount of pegs. 
Curtains (as shown on picture below) on all windows. Each Aronde awning is equipped with curtains on the exterior side of the windows. These curtains do not not only have a blackout effect, but are also heat-resistant. Therefore, these curtains are also positioned on the outside of the awning. Additional advantage of the curtains on the outside is that they protect the windowmaterial against UV light. 
seizoen voortent
IMG 2861
Large ventilationpoints. Each awning has large ventilation points on the left and right. These can be closed with a cover when not used.
IMG 2750

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