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Fortex awnings for pop-top caravans
for caravans with a pop-top we have the solution to provide a perfect, custommade awning. Old(er)caravan models are no problem as well. With our Aronde awnings we can even enlarge the living space and the pitching is simple. How does it work? For an awning to function properly it is necessary that rainwater drains of well, this is only possible if you make the awning higher on the caravan side. We do this in a unique way. A round arch tube is placed around the caravan. The back panel is custom fit to your caravan to make the perfect seal.
These awnings are on the market since 2003.
Our Aronde Awning has a 28mm Aluminum Arched frame. The frame consist of two (or three for the extended roof version)  arches and three roof tubes connecting the two arches. The frame is placed higher than the rail of the Eriba Touring (from ground to ground). With this arched frame system we create height and also 1,5 meters extra living space compared with the traditional Awnings.
The Awning is attached to the Eriba Touring with the sinew in the horizontal rail. The Frame is not attached to the awning, it stands on itself. Drilling assembly points on the caravan for the frame is history. 
Fortex has developed five different Aronde models. The canopy version, the Awning,  the Awning with roofextension, the Aronde Combi (with a roofextension and sunroof, exchangeable)  and the Aronde Combi+ (with a roofextension and sunroof, these can be attached to each other. The sunroof has sidewalls which can be zipped-out). 

Aronde Canopy: 
TheCanopy edition of the Aronde has a permanent open front. The side panels can be (partially) zipped out.

Aronde Awning: 
The Awning has two zipped-in front panels.  The awning is three meter deep on the floor. The awning can also be used as a canopy.

Aronde Awning with roof extension: 
With an extra third arch the roof can be extended with  8cm. This extra roof material gives  more protection against rain and gives better possibilities to ventilate. The extension gives the awning also a complete look.

Aronde combi
Tis awning can be used as a canopy, an awning, an awning with roofextension and an awning with an extra sunroof (with sidepanels).

Aronde combi+
Tis awning can be used as a canopy, an awning, an awning with roofextension and an awning with an extra sunroof (with zip-in/out sidepanels). The sunroof can be zipped on the roofextension, so the awning can be extended even more!

Caravan sizes (metres)
Eriba Puck 3,90 x 3,00
Eriba Pan/Familia/Puck L 4,50 x 3,00
Eriba Triton 5,20 x 3,00
Eriba Troll 5,60 x 3,00
Eriba Feeling 390 5,60 x 3,00
Eriba Feeling 430 5,95 x 3,00



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