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Fortex Caravan awnings is a family business since 1976, and makes bespoke tent for all caravans. Our experience in the field of awnings goes back to 1964 where the private Fred Grunder his first job was at Rinconada Camping Sport. After 12 years here gaining experience is Fortex Caravan awnings erected. Fred started in the attic with sewing his first awning for a customer as quickly had to be moved to a large garage box. After a year it was necessary to move to a commercial building in the industrial area of ??Enschede. After a few years it again became necessary to move to larger premises. On the Haaksbergerstraat an office in Enschede was purchased which we have been working for 30 years on our tents. From the beginning, always focused on customization and consultation with customers to a fantastic product.

Regarding our products, we have not gone unnoticed. The custom was not just for special caravans perfect but adjusting for tents to customer requirements was a success. 
In 1986, for the awning canopy hefdakcaravans developed an awning that was the standard and up to the day is still used today in many tents manufactures. The tent was built up to the caravan side to create headroom was also with this system, most of the water discharged to the sides, this is what leaks on the track extremely reduced. Previously, only the pyramid canopies / tents designed for these caravans. 
In 2000, started designing a new awning into a round shape. This shape has a large number of advantages in terms of expiration and storm water resistance. Since 2003, we have these new tent marketed the '' Fortex Aronde ''. We currently have a complete line of Aronde models in our range. These awnings are not only unique in shape, but are also of high quality.

We have always remained a wholly Dutch company and all operations were made until 2014 from our location in Enschede from design to after sales. In 2014 we split the production and sale of two branches. To be able to show more of our opportunities on awnings and production department to give more room to grow, a second establishment to Poolmansweg in Enschede a fact.

If you have special requests on behalf of colors and designs you've come to the right place. We make a perfect fit for tents for caravans. Here we consider the curves and lines of the caravan.

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