Awning of Fortex Caravan awnings means a round tent made. For both all caravans as hefdakcaravan we can make our models. Before we start manufacturing a tent canopy we have a conversation with you about what Aronde model best suits you. Then we discuss should be made in any color combination the awning. Aronde our models are in the standard version in a class by itself, but you can run your awning with even more options.


Awning Caravan

Awnings made for all caravans, an aerodynamic caravan is no problem. We make all the awnings tailor-made to customer requirements. There are several different color combinations so you can make your own awning.


Awning Camper

For campers we also have to make opportunities for tents to measure. A rail mounting or an omni substance / printout fiamma awning is necessary to attach the tent to the camper.