The Fortex Circum awning with roofextension for pop-top caravans

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The Fortex Circum for pop-top caravans

We have the solution for all pop-top caravans to deliver a perfect, custom-made awning. Even old models are no problem at all. With our Circum awning we can make the living space bigger and building up is easy.

The Fortex Circum awning has a deep detachable roof extension of 110cm deep. The sides are designed with rectangular windows with blackout flaps on the outside. The side panels can be completely zipped out and can be zipped half open.
The Circum Awning with roof extension is available as standard in the main colors light gray or dark gray. There is also the choice between a number of accent colors. This makes it possible to adapt the tent to your personal preference.
The canopy protects the ventilation openings and entrance against the weather. The awning can also be placed without the roof extenion, because it has been made removable.
The two angled forward points and the standard storm straps provide extra stability.
The front wall can be zipped out in two parts. This front wall, like the two front points, is slanted forward for extra stability.

All our awnings are delivered including:

  • Valves over the windows
  • Fix-on system
  • Made-to-measure draft flap
  • 28 mm aluminum frame with Powergrips
  • Storm tires
  • Tent herring

You can still customize the Circum Voortent with pet canopy with a number of options, for example:

  • built-in LED lighting
  • an expansion
  • double slit edge
  • detachable slikrand
  • adaptation front wall (layout)
  • adjustment of color classification
We charge an additional price for these options.


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