All our awnings are custom made. Our awnings fit perfectly to your caravan. This means no awning that fits in a certain range, but narrowly made. We also take the shape of the caravan into account. We pay attention to which place the service hatches are located and the hight of the caravan. The awning is mounted on both the front and the back of the caravan rail.


  • Because every awning is custom made, you have the option to choose a main color and one accent color. The mudstraps are always black (PVC). The accent color is built-in in the strip longitudinal round the roof at the front of the Aronde and a strip above the sides. 
  • A custom made skirt is included, no extra costs!  
  • The possibility to attach stormbuckles is integrated in each Aronde awning. The stormbuckles are inclusively.
  • Ten Cate materials. Our awnings are made of Ten Cate canvas. The mud flaps are polyester reinforced PVC. The perfect combination of quality and lightweight. This makes our awnings suitable for an entire season of campingfun!
  • Alumium  28mm powergrip frame: a solid 28 x 1.5mm tube is used in the bows (frame) to get a solid construction. The roofpoles are made of a 28 x 1 mm tube in order to make the frame lighter. The connections of the rafterpoles with the bows is made with a steel connection. 
    The powergrips make it easier to get the poles tensioned.
  • Fix-on connection:  The awning has a double tendon tendon so you can place a fix on block anywhere. (note: awnings for liftroof caravans are not connected with these fix-ons)
  • Pegs: our awnings are supplied with the necessary amount of pegs.
  • Curtains (as shown on picture below) on all windows. Each Aronde awning is equipped with curtains on the exterior side of the windows. These curtains do not not only have a blackout effect, but are also heat-resistant. Therefore, these curtains are also positioned on the outside of the awning. Additional advantage of the curtains on the outside is that they protect the windowmaterial against UV light. 

     Aronde Canopy

The Aronde Canopy is more resistant to weather influences than traditional models due to its round design. Consider a better water flow (to the front and to the sides) and less wind sensitivity due to the round shape. The round shape is made possible by a 28mm aluminum frame with Powergrips. This frame is light in weight and yet strong.
The Aronde canopy has an exclusive design. The canopy is easy to set up with the arch and only a few roof bars. The roof bars are attached to the caravan using the Fix-on blocks supplied as standard.
With raised roof caravans, a second bow is placed on the caravan side, giving the awning more headroom and a good water drain. This construction method makes the awning even higher and wider than the caravan.
The two side panels of the Aronde Canopy can be easily removed using the zips.
At the top of the side walls, two storm belt features are integrated as standard on the front side (with poptop models four; two in the front and two in the rear). Naturally, we supply a tailor-made draft strip and wheel cover.

‚Äč    Aronde awning

The Aronde awning is the perfect combination of set-up convenience and storm resistance. The front panels, just like the two front points, are slanted forward for extra stability.This and the rounded sides ensure an aerodynamic shape and the integrated storm bands on the sides ensure that the awning remains effortlessly in poor conditions. The Aronde awning has a removable front wall and can therefore also be used as a canopy. The front wall can be zipped into two parts, making it possible to leave a part open. You have the choice how to make the front layout. You can choose 1 door (left or right) and the rest windows or two doors with two windows (symmetrical).

      Aronde awning with roof extension

The roof extension protects the ventilation openings and entrance against the weather.
You can choose a roof extension of 85 cm or 110 cm deep.
The awning can also be placed without the roof extension, because it is made detachable. If you also omit the front walls, this model can be used as an canopy.
The two angled forward points and the standard supplied storm buckles provide extra stability.
The front wall is removable in two parts. This front wall, just like the two front points, is slanted forward for extra stability.
You can choose how the front layout should be made. You can choose 1 door (left or right) and the rest of the windows or two doors with two windows (symmetrical)
A middle post is supplied for supporting the arch when tensioning the front wall. If you only use the canopy, this is not necessary.

    Aronde Combi and Aronde Combi Plus    

The Aronde Combi and Combi Plus are very suitable for seasonal campers or campers who want a lot of living space. The Aronde Combi has a roof extension of 85 cm or 110 cm and a canopy of 230 cm deep. These can only be used separately in the Combi. You will receive a bow that can be used for the pet canopy or the canopy.
With the Combi Plus the roof extension and extra canopy can be used simultaneously, using an extra arch.
The Aronde Combi Plus can be modulated by means of zippers. In no time you can turn the canopy into an awning, an awning with roofextension, an awning with canopy or even an awning with roof extension ánd a canpoy!
The Combi Plus has a total depth of 555 cm.
The side walls of the awning can be zipped out for both models.


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