Pop-top caravan

Pop-top caravan

Also for tents and canopies customized for each Pop-top caravan. The most common carvan such as Eriba Touring Eriba Feeling, Eriba Future, Trigano, Rapido, chicken etc etc. With our awning system it is possible for any Pop-top caravan to make a well-fitting awning.


Aronde for pop-top caravans

For caravans with a pop-top (Eriba, Trigano, Rapido, Kip etc.) we have the solution to provide a perfect, custommade awning. The Aronde-models are more resistant to weather influences than traditional models due to its round design.

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The Fortex Circum awning with roofextension for pop-top ...

The Fortex Circum awning has a deep detachable canopy of 110cm deep. The sides are designed with rectangular windows with blackout flaps on the outside. The side panels can be completely zipped out and can be zipped half open.