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Winter Tents Fortex Caravan awnings are ideal for places with high levels of snowfall. The round end of the Aronde winter tent ensures that snow accumulation on the roof does not occur .. The two big zijluifels ensure that the entrance to rain stays dry. Also, the zijluifels give the possibility to ventilate well during rain. On the caravan side, the two foam bags and aandrukstang for a good seal.

This tent is custom made. This means you are not tied to fixed sizes or color combinations. The standard size of this awning is 1.5 x 2m. The material is All Season canvas Ten Cate and the frame is 28mm aluminum with Power Grip system.

Do you have a camper with an Omnistor awning or Fiamma? then an additional rail for the awning is not necessary. We can assemble this tent also in the rail of the printout canopy.


Our Fortex Aronde tent canopy ANWB tested and compared with the Unico awning. Click on the logo for the ANWB KCK evaluating the Fortex Aronde awning and click the KCK logo for the comparison with Unico.


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